Child Support


For Custodial Parents/Payees


Financial support through a child support order is your child’s right, and should be looked at as an obligation to the child, rather than an advantage to the party to whom support is paid. We work hard to make sure that your child has the support he or she needs to maintain a decent standard of living. We help you obtain support for your child from your spouse, significant other or your child’s other parent, during dissolution of marriage/domestic partnership litigation, domestic violence proceedings or paternity actions. We can also help you to modify child support orders when there has been a change in circumstance that suggests an order is outdated and needs to be adjusted.


Please note

You can only receive child support retroactively to the date you file paperwork to commence a child support proceeding or to modify orders. Until and unless you file a motion or Order to Show Cause, you cannot change an order, or get payments for your child during a period prior to such filing.


For Obligors/Non-Custodial Parents


For non-custodial parents, our goal is to ensure that you obtain fair and equitable child support orders that allow you to continue to live while supporting your child. For possible non-parents, our goal is to ensure that you are not obligated to support a child who may not be yours.


Please note

Anytime you receive paperwork of any kind regarding a child support case or potential child support obligation, it is essential that you understand the paperwork and respond to it in a timely manner. If you have received something you do not understand from Child Support Services, call their offices and remain on the line until you reach a live person. If you receive something you do not understand from your child’s parent, an ex-romantic partner with whom you do not believe you have a child or from a lawyer, contact an attorney at once. Failure to respond may cause you to lose your rights and to be obligated to make payments you should not have to pay.



If you are already paying child support and become unemployed or disabled or begin having more custodial time with your child, you must file paperwork immediately in order to get an outdated child support order modified. Child support orders can only be modified to reduce payments from the time a motion or Order to Show Cause is filed. Contact an attorney at once and/or your local Child Support Services, for help.

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