Paternity Action


When a child is born from a non-marital relationship, the rights and responsibilities of the parents to their child are in a sort of legal-limbo after a separation, until court orders are entered into. A paternity action can help a custodial parent to obtain clear-cut custodial and visitation orders, as well as child support orders and orders for attorney’s fees in case of need. For non-custodial parents, a paternity action can ensure such a parent the right to stay or become involved in his or her child’s life by obtaining orders allowing him or her to see their child, be kept up to date about important information regarding their child and to play a part in decisions regarding the child’s life. A paternity action can also ensure that any child support orders are fair and sensible, allowing the non-custodial parent to help support his or her child while still maintaining a reasonable standard of living.


With zealous advocacy, we represent custodial and non-custodial parents, as well as parties who have been claimed to be the father of a child, but who may not be, by bringing or defending a paternity action.

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